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Venues and Future Programming Partners...

We have you covered 

  • All WW instructors are covered by our insurance, meaning, so are you 

  • Option to have programming completely branded utilizing our in-house graphic design and marketing services

  • WW manages programming from start to finish, meaning instructor vetting/coordination payroll, and large-scale event production 

  • We staff your program with instructors that have been hand-picked and vetted. Ensuring the programming and Instructors make sense for your brand, and intention to help accomplish your goals 

  • We come on and take on the face of you or help to build a brand/program that allows your audience to build real connections and stay loyal to you 

  • Tap into WW's expansive wellness network to elevate programming and exposure with strategic partnerships

  • We are super fun to work with because we’ve got this system down, and have a genuine passion for inclusive wellness programming and accessibility


How it works

  • After you submit the "let's connect form," a WW programming guru will reach out so we can learn more about you and determine the best strategic plan moving forward

  • Every gig is different - location, brand needs/desires, strategy, and special requests. Our instructors and programming and marketing specialists have experience accommodating these needs per unique program/brand

  • Rates are dependent upon the scope of work, travel time, brand, and the level of instructor experience/specialties necessary

Our competitive edge...


We have an expanded wellness network in local markets and quickly establish ourselves in new markets because we build robust programs with thoughtful and experienced professionals and brands. Meaning, we are always attracting the best talent. 

Let's connect

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