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Wellness and
Fitness Professionals...

Thank you for being here, for what you do, and for your interest

We’ve got you covered 

  • All WW venues/activations are covered by our Insurance, meaning, so are you 

  • We are super fun to work with because we’ve got this system down and handle all communication and coordination, which means, no stress 

The general process 

  • After you submit the "let's connect form," we get you with a WW instructor relations guru so we can learn more about you and determine the best opportunity/ies for you

  • Every gig is different - location, client needs, strategy, class or event format 

  • Compensation is dependent upon the scope of work, travel time, client budget, client value, brand, and instructor experience/specialties 


Our competitive edge


We not only attract the most outrageous clients and partners, but we also build robust programs with thoughtful people so this same level of opportunities keep coming 


Q. Do I need insurance?

A. It's a bonus and we definitely recommend it for Instructors who teach for pop-ups/activations. Businesses/hosting venues don't always have proper insurance that ensures you and your students are properly protected. However, we do and you fall under our policy.

Q. What is the pay?

A. Compensation depends on the scope of work, gig, client budget, etc. When applicable, we usually start with a competitive hourly rate and consider things like teacher specialties, travel, gig value, and additional factors when necessary to determine a fair (and, again, competitive) rate.

Let's connect

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