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Venues, brands, events, activations...

A little bit more about what we do 

  • We’ve got you covered- all WW Instructors are covered by our Insurance, meaning, so are you 

  • We staff your program with Instructors that have been hand-picked and vetted. We make sure the programming and Instructors make sense for your brand, intention, and to help accomplish your goals 

  • We come on and take on the face of you or help to build a brand/program that allows for your audience to build real connection and stay loyal to you 

  • We pay our people well and promptly 

  • We love connecting people to places and creating meaningful experiences 

  • We are super fun to work with because we’ve got this system down which means, no stress - remember, wellness starts from within (that’s with an organizational unit too)


Our competitive edge...


We not only attract the best talent, we take care of our people so they come back.

Your turn...

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